Who we are

Verslo Aljansas UAB is a team of professionals with more than 10 years of experience in Health and Safety consultancy, fire safety and civil protection projects. We offer the most up-to-date methods of training and briefings for employees and professional risk assessment.

Our expertise, deep understanding of business and digitalisation processes and modern approach to the workplace Health and Safety allowed to us develop Health and Safety management software SAUGA.lt that fully complies with LST ISO 45001 standard requirements.

Targeted at the companies of all sizes and profiles, efficient and easy-to-use to use software SAUGA.lt offers a high-level technological solution for responsible business success.

Who we are
Our experience

Our experience

Our skills help us become better – we share the experience at our annual contest for Health and Safety specialists “Think – act safely”. Every year the contest brings together many professionals who wish to acquire knowledge and to achieve excellence in the field of workplace Health and Safety.

In 2019, Verslo Aljansas UAB founded a practical training centre in Kaunas, Lithuania which is one of the most advanced training centres in the country for the operators working at height.

In 2021 we became the first training centre in the Baltic region to be accredited by IPAF (The International Powered Access Federation).

Key features

Electronic document management
E - Learning
ISO 45001 standard
Risk management
One dashboard
Multilingual environment and reliability
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